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8-0. How did your 1st rd predictions go?

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I picked LA to beat Vegas, I thought the Kings experience would be a huge advantage.  And...they got swept.  LOL

Everything else I got right.

Round 2.

Pittsburgh over Washington in 6

Tampa over Boston in 7

Winnipeg over Nashville in 6 (just a hunch)

San Jose over Vegas in 7

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Nashville vs Colorodo I picked Nashville

Winnipeg vs Minnesota I picked Winnipeg

Vegas vs Los Angeles I picked Vegas

Anaheim vs San Jose I picked Anaheim 

Tampa vs New Jersey I picked Tampa

Boston vs Toronto I picked Boston

Washington vs Columbus I picked Washington

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia I picked Philadelphia 



So as long as Nashville is still in it technically my bracket is kind of still in tack 5ae20d3822bc8_ScreenShot2018-04-10at3_22_30AM.thumb.png.21c156d8516b34e40c8c91cb8732eef9.png

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